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If you live in Williamsburg, VA, you know that we experience a full range of seasons and temperatures. Although the seasonal changes are beautiful, it can be tough on your more delicate belongings. This is where our climate-controlled units at Williamsburg Storage can make a difference.

Our clean and well-maintained facility offers climate-controlled units, which means that no matter what the season outside, your self storage unit will stay at a constant temperature. Certain items in particular benefit from the constant temperatures that climate-controlled storage offers. Wood items and furniture, pharmaceutical samples, electronics, and sporting gear with plastic are all examples of items that have a tendency to feel the effects of temperature fluctuations. If you are planning to rent a storage unit long-term, climate-controlled storage is always a great option to help ensure that your belongings stay exactly how you left them.

Interested in learning more about the climate-controlled units at Williamsburg Storage? Contact us today or view our Unit Sizes & Prices page to learn more.

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