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Storsmart Insurance

Peace of Mind:
Are your valuables Protected?

When you store your property with Prime Storage you can rest assured that we will treat your items with the utmost care. No matter what you store with us, our units are designed to protect your items. From your childhood treasures, to your seasonal decorations, to your business’s records, all of it is secure at Prime Storage. However, even the most secure and well-built structures can be damaged by a catastrophe. As an added option to protect your valuables, we have partnered with Storsmart Insurance, a leading self-storage contents insurance provider.

Why Get Storsmart Insurance?

Storsmart Insurance is committed to providing an easy contents insurance solution with great coverage and affordable premiums. If you choose the Storsmart Insurance option, you can purchase as little as $2,000 or as much as $20,000 of coverage. Please review the major covered perils and pricing. If you have specific insurance coverage questions, feel free to contact StorSmart Insurance directly at 1-888-545-SMART or via email at

Storsmart Program Features

*Deductible may only be waived if loss is due to burglary.

**Some limitations apply, see certificate of insurance for details.

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