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The Prime Promise: One Year Rate Guarantee!

At Prime Storage, we believe that rental rates should be simple, steady, and straightforward. Unfortunately, many other self-storage companies quote “teaser” rates that increase over time. Don’t be fooled by our competitors’ “gotcha” rates.  Prime believes in being transparent so we promise to not increase rental rates for the first 12 months. 

That means no rate increases and no surprises.

When it comes to raising rates for current customers, there’s no set industry standard. Other than a standard notice, every storage facility has a different increase schedule. Many of our competitors have a rent increase schedule that increases the rate 6% to 10% after six to nine months and then again annually, or some aggressively increase rates every 3-4 months and well above 10% each time.

At Prime Storage, we promise to provide our customers with the highest quality of self-storage rentals and customer service.  Prime continually invests in its properties, employees, technology and other service areas.  These improvements and investments allow Prime to continue to lead the industry. 

It’s our goal to offer rental policies that are as reasonable as they are straightforward.  Prime’s Promise: No rate increase for the first year! 

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