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Summer Planning


As we cross over the threshold into summer, we enter a season full of hyperactivity and change.  Some of us will buy or sell a home.  Businesses will relocate or expand. Teenagers prep for new school experiences.  Many have ambitions to remodel or welcome extended family to help share expenses.

With a great number of seasonal ambitions, self-storage can be the answer to the question of how to make things easier during transition.  Unfortunately, many people do not think about how self-storage can help.   If and when they do, they find that their storage options may be limited or even unavailable.

The self-storage industry is expanding exponentially and for good reason.  It is a cost-effective way to accomplish many tasks . . . tasks that are often scheduled during the summer months.  Advanced planners enjoy the greatest options and lowest rates.


Because the self-storage industry sets their rates based on supply and demand.  During the winter months, the self-storage business dips enough that there are plenty of units available.  It is a time that hard working facility managers use their time to make sure all their units are sparkling clean for the onslaught of summer tenants.  But as summer approaches, students reserve units for summer recess, home sellers declutter and businesses need space for expanded inventories.  The availability of space dwindles and prices rise.  Knowing this, many savvy renters take advantage of early season move-in specials by reserving and renting up to one or two months before they plan to actually use it.

Don’t be caught behind the eight ball by being ready for your summer need for storage without the storage available to meet your needs.  In most cases, self-storage is very economical.  Prime Storage personnel are expertly trained to assess your needs and recommend the space best suited to meet those needs.  Ask them about availability and the best options to guarantee what you need is available when you need it.  And at Prime Storage rates are locked in for a full year from time of rental . . . This means as prices rise through the summer, yours will not!