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Cutting Down on Clutter in Your Kid’s Room

When you have kids, clutter can pile up fast. This blog gives tips on how to build your child’s cleaning habits and keep their room (and your home) tidy.

5 Commonly Overlooked Babyproofing Tips for Your Home

If you’re about to bring home a brand new bundle of joy, you need to plan for babyproofing now.

outside seating area, patio furniture with cushions
Four Tips for Prepping Patio Furniture for Storage

Discover how to prep your patio furniture for storage with tips from Prime Storage. Need space for your furniture? Rent from Prime Storage today.

What You Should Know About . . . Wilmington, NC

Moving to Wilmington, NC? We’ve got answers to some of the more common questions about the city and where to store your belongings.

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