Should I Use Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Boxes?

Everyone has their preferences for preparing to move, but is there a correct way to pack and move belongings? The simple answer is no, but there are ways to efficiently pack while keeping your items protected against damage. When you rent with Prime Storage, you’ll find various packing supplies available for purchase onsite at many […]

How to Move with Pets

Moving with pets can become an overwhelming tasks. We've gathered some tips to make relocating your pets easy!

Woman standing in front of a train
7 Steps to Moving for a Fresh Start

Thinking about starting somewhere new? You shouldn't have to worry, check out our tips to have a fresh start in a new city!

The skyline in Louisville, KY
Moving to Louisville, Kentucky: A Guide

Thinking about a move to Louisville, Kentucky? Explore things to do in the city and the best neighborhoods.

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