Life Events

Life Demands Space®: Creating Space for a Baby Room

Welcoming a baby is a life changer! Find out how to plan for your new baby with these baby room ideas and storage tips and where to store for baby supplies.

A family grieving the loss of a loved one
Life Demands Space®: What to Do When a Family Member Passes Away

When a family member passes away, you’ll have to tackle what to do with their belongings. Here’s what to do and how self storage can help.

Three Female Friends Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day
Common Questions About Moving in With a Roommate

Whether you’re moving across the country or into a new apartment on the other side of town, living with roommates has become more and more common for young adults in America. While sharing a living space with another person is a great way to cut living costs, there are many things you should consider before signing the […]

Mature couple packing.
Life Demands Space®: Retiring and Downsizing Your Home

There are times in all our lives where Life Demands Space®. For those times, a self storage unit can be a great tool for temporarily expanding your storage capabilities—whether you’re running a business or moving to a new city.  But what if you’re looking for less space? Well, life sometimes demands that, too. For many, downsizing their home is […]

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