Home Decor

A woman using a sewing machine
How to Create a Hobby Room

Hobbies can enrich your life, and making a hobby room can be a great way to take your hobby to the next level. These tips can get you started.

Inexpensive Ways to Turn Your Home into Your Dream Home

A topic that interests most homeowners – especially folks on a budget – is how to turn their home into a dream home. Everyone wants to discover inexpensive, yet awesome ways to transform their homes – especially after binge-watching home renovation shows. We like to operate in a more realistic manner and have some ideas […]

A woman in an orange sweatshirt painting the wall
What Paint Should I Pick? (And Other Painting Tips)

Looking to get started painting your wall? Picking paint can be a pain, but we’ve got a collection of painting tips for you and your next project.

Wooden shelves in the kitchen
Six Things to Consider When Incorporating Floating Shelves

You can change the whole dynamic of your living space and home by incorporating floating shelves. Decoration enthusiasts everywhere have been taking notes from celebrity home remodelers about how to pretty up their homes and apartments by installing floating shelves. In a world full of shelving options, why not make them float? The first thing […]

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