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Moving Boxes and Kits

Prime offers a wide range of moving box sizes, each designed for packing an array of items. Learn about each box style to properly determine and utilize what will best meet your needs.

Small Moving Boxes

Prime small moving boxes are ideal for storing small, heavyweight, or fragile items that should be packed separately, such as pictures, dishware, books, DVDs, and more.

Medium Moving Boxes

Prime medium moving boxes are a good choice for packing larger and lighter items, such as kitchen utensils or small appliances, decorations, shoes, or toys.

Large Moving Boxes

Prime large moving boxes are great for packing large or oddly-shaped items, like computer parts, décor, lamp shades, bulky cookware, and more.

X-Large Moving Boxes

X-large moving boxes are designed for packing linens, bedding, pillows, and other bulky, plush items that won’t easily fit into a smaller box size.

Smart Boxes

Smart Boxes are fit to hold standard file folders, books, and other paperwork or small items from a home or small business office. Each box features labeling lines and tic boxes for easy identification.

Prime Smart Moving Kit

The Prime Smart Moving Kit contains three smart boxes, one small box, one medium box, one tall box, one roll of tape with a cutter, one roll of 3/16″ bubble wrap, and one marker. The tall box that houses the kit pieces can also be reused to store a mirror, large photos, or artwork. Consider this set for storing items during a room renovation or packing up a dorm room.

Prime Moving Kit

Each Prime Moving Kit consists of 5 small boxes, four medium boxes, two large boxes, one tall box, two rolls of tape with a cutter, two rolls of 3/16″ bubble wrap, and one marker. The variety of box sizes in this kit is handy for packing just about any room, garage, basement, or attic and is perfect if you need to relocate, are planning a downsizing move, or even are renting out your home as an Airbnb.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing and moving clothing for a seasonal closet cleanout or consignment shop storage solution. These boxes are designed to hang clothes and help keep them neat when stored.

File Boxes

Letter-size file boxes are available in packs of 10 and come in two pieces; a more extensive base and a fitted lid. These boxes are ideal for organizing and storing important papers and documents.


No lock? No problem! Prime store locations carry a selection of lock options to help secure your unit and protect your belongings.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are the ideal storage lock, and Prime offers a selection of 2.75″ locks at our store locations. These storage unit locks are heavy-duty, offer protection against bolt cutters, and are stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are another secure option. This type of lock is especially difficult to thwart, considering the lock is housed within the unit. In addition, these locks require a specific key to open and are incredibly challenging to drill, cut, or pick.

Packing Supplies

Preventing damage to your belongings is just as important as packing them. That’s why Prime also offers packaging supplies, like tape, bubble wrap, protective covers, and more.

Packing Tape

Securely seal boxes using tape, tape dispensers, or stretch wrap. Choose between 40 yds, 55 yds, or 60 yds multi-pack rolls of clear tape and 5″ x 1000′ or 20″ x 1000′ stretch wrap with extended handles.

Furniture Covers

Protect furniture, like mattresses, sofas, chairs, and more, from collecting dust or other debris with protective covers. These covers are designed to protect antiques, wood, or upholstered furniture. They can also be used as covers for paintings and other art, drop cloths during a renovation, or as a means to keep your belongings from direct contact with the floor, especially if you’re worried about moisture. Prime carries a range of sizes to meet your needs, including twin/full mattress covers, king/queen mattress covers, sofa covers, chair covers, and 10′ x 20′ dust covers.

Protective Packing Materials

Protect your valuables and fragile items, like fine China, pottery, and glassware, from getting damaged during the moving process. Prime offers bubble wrap in 3/16″ or 5/16″ sizes in multiple case/pack options and newsprint and foam wrap for securely storing your belongings.

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